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Andrew C. Steger

thesufjanstevensmodel5000 new song is a cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘A little lost’.

Love it.

Hopefully it holds over until his inevitable 1984 Sears Catalogue album, which is coming out November 1, 1983. 


break free

Thinking about entering The Incredibles design challenge on @threadless. Don’t want to regurgitate things that have already been done though.

I used to write. I choose to write again. #moleskine

California, you were awesome. Let’s hang again soon.

Everything is awesome!

Looking forward to finally diving into ‘Creativity, Inc.’ on vacation next week. #Pixar

Got my new stickers in From @redbubble. #NicCage #design


Inspired by the movie Her, a simple little pocket shirt design up for voting at the pocket tee competition on Threadless: Me & My OS and it’s pixely alternate 8-bit universe version Me & My OS ‘85

Because you haven’t watched this video in way too long.